Yoga Crossfit Fitness Tubes Pull Rope

Premium Long Length
 Double layer, natural latex construction that's built to last and refuses to sag or break after long-term use 
 Maintains resistance through every part of the motion during an exercise, eliminating non performing work during a lift and giving these ropes a mechanical advantage on standard free weights 
 Over 300 mm longer than the standard size, our bands are designed for heavy duty use and greater versatility in a number of varied exercises including:   P90X  TurboJam   ChaLean Extreme & many more
Cushioned Foam Handles
 Optimal grip without sacrificing comfort makes exercising easy on your hands and joints, enabling a reliable hold for every repetition 
 Tone and strengthen numerous muscle groups on your body without fear of slipping or losing hold 
 Professional grade padding disperses force evenly and works with your body to ensure and promote a balanced exercise
$24.10 USD
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